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The Human Aspect of Debt Problems

If you are reading this page, or simply browsing through the internet educating yourself, then you have already conquered one of the toughest parts of this battle: acknowledging that you have a debt problem.

It is one thing to be aware that you have a debt crisis at your hands, but it is something else to really put some effort into informing yourself about how serious your debt problem really is.

Beyond acknowledgment, awareness and education, is the willingness to reach out and ask a professional for some assistance and guidance. A caring, patient and experienced attorney can really guide you toward a path of debt resolution, while ensuring that your assets such as your home, car and many other things are protected.

In the same way that many people may not really understand the nature of your job or expertise, it is OK for you not to know all the details of bankruptcy law, and instead to ask a professional for help. When you come to our office for a free initial consultation, you will be given the chance to tell us your story, to vent a little, and then to have all of your questions about bankruptcy answered. You are only human, and cannot be expected to know everything on your own.

Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

There are many factors that encompass the correct decision of whether to file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 case.

An experienced attorney’s analysis will not only focus on the amount of your debt, but also on these important factors:

  1. your current income and expense structures (aka your monthly budget), and how your budget may be affected by the filing of a bankruptcy;
  2. your ownership of assets such as properties, vehicles, retirement accounts, cash, life insurance policies, etc;
  3. whether you have engaged in any decision-making over the past few years that may affect the success of your bankruptcy case;
  4. whether you own a business that may or may not be at risk;
  5. whether you have filed for bankruptcy within the last eight (8) years

Therefore, there is not a black and white answer on whether to file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 case, since each factor may or may not affect the rest.

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